I know I've been away for a while. Apologies. But I'm back baby!! Baking for a living usually means that your kitchen is a mess – all the bloody time! The counter tops are covered in icing sugar and icing, you’ve got bits of eggshell seemingly floating around, and no matter what I do I can never bloody find my spatula even though I put it down like two minutes ago and it was totally just there. It means that while I hate it, and don’t always do it, I have to clean up in my kitchen loads. Well last week I felt like making a change. It was my birthday, and instead of making myself a cake like I do every year, I invited loads of my friends over for a big barbecue in the garden. I made up my famous jerk sauce and grilled chicken and vegetable kebabs – it was great. Obviously I had some cupcakes there, but they were mostly left over from some work I did earlier in the week so they were first-come-first-served, and went really quickly. Did you hear about the BBC Good Food site being taken down? I’m absolutely gutted because I only just found this really good recipe for a rub for barbecued corn on the cob and now I might have it all ripped away from me. Obviously I don’t use it for baking (amateur hour, hello!) but for cooking, which isn’t really my strong suit, I absolutely love it. Although now I look at it, this video assures me that they will be kept online after all! So I’m desperate to have another barbecue while the sun is still good, but the combination of meat fat and jerk sauce have cooked onto the grill and it’s proving near-impossible to clean effectively. What really worries me is that I have some vegetarian and vegan friends coming over next weekend and I need to make sure it’s clean enough that I can do a barbecue for them, so I’m gonna call the BBQ Cleaner post-haste to come sort this out. I know it’s really lazy but he’ll do a way better job than I could, and with a lot less effort thanks to his fancy cleaning machine. So wish me luck for a second barbecue next weekend!