For the seventh successive year The Great British Bake Off  is returning to our screens!

After opening the first ever Stir Crazy Cup Cake Bakery in South Yorkshire, I’ve been spending most of my internet times on keeping the company site up to date, but I thought that – given the return of one of my favourite shows – it would be a good idea to get back to personal blogging.

It may seem a little redundant stating it here, but I absolutely adore this show. Over the years, its given us so many wonderful memories both heart warming and hilarious – providing us with wonderful water-cooler moments to discuss with friends and colleagues.

Indeed, much like traditional offices running sweep stakes at the beginning of the English Football Premier League, we’ve got a £50 prize waiting for the winner of our little competition here at the bakery. My money’s on Candice, the peppy P.E. teacher from Bedfordshire hopes to live up to the example that her Mother set her as a child.

candiceThere’s nothing quite like a heart-warming story to pique my interest. Candice’s childhood growing up in the pubs that her parents managed sounded perfectly idyllic, add to that a charming Mother-Daughter baking relationship and she had me from hello! I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed for her and hope she can hold on right til the end!

We’re hoping to capitalise on the popularity of the show here in the bakery, by selling baking goods and preparation tools. It may seem counter-productive for a bakery to be selling the means for customers to make their own cakes with, but its really all about fostering an enthusiasm and passion for baking.

cupcakesWe’re confident enough, in our skills as a team, to feel like we can hand our customers the knowledge and tools to make their own cakes, and still have them coming back to us for our cupcakes. Our secret ingredients and expert decoration techniques have been worked on collectively for over a decade; and you certainly can’t buy that in any shop!